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Court Orders Baby Veronica Adoption Finalized

This was the most heartbreaking case this year at the Supreme Court.  Here’s a high-level overview:  woman gets pregnant, boyfriend decides he wants nothing to do with the child, woman gives birth and puts the baby up for adoption, father all of the sudden decides that he wants custody and sues for custody citing the Indian […]

Supreme Court Shuts Down Obama Agenda

I know it seems that Obama is getting his way with our Judicial Branch.  Obamacare was upheld, section 3 of DOMA was struck down.  However, sometimes the cases that don’t make the news are the big stories.  The Obama administration by all accounts is completely out of control.  The number of overreaching regulations is well-documented as all […]

Senator Lee Stays Focused On Obamacare

With all of the other major scandals of this Administration, one barely remembers that Obamacare was still the first and greatest of all.  The GOP needs to be as focused on weakening this law as possible.  Given that it is almost self-destructing between all of the court cases challenging various aspects of the law and the […]

Supreme Court To Hear Case On Prayer At Council Meetings

From ReligiousClause.blogspot.com: The U.S. Supreme Court today agreed to weigh in on the extensively litigated issue of opening city council meetings with prayer.  It granted certiorari in Town of Greece, NY v. Galloway, (Docket No. 12-696, cert. granted 5/20/2013). (Order List). In the case, the 2nd Circuit created an extremely fact-dependent test for determining the constitutionality […]