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Does The Internet Make The World More Pro-Life?

I thought this was a hopeful article.  It claims that the Internet helps the pro-life movement.  I agree with the points and hope that it is true.  Here is the reasoning: 1. Pregnant women feel less alone 2. Widespread knowledge about fetal development 3. More information about the abortion industry 4. More information about each […]

Pro-Life Victory In New York

From NCRegister.com:  A federal judge on July 13 temporarily barred New York City from enforcing a new law that would cripple crisis-pregnancy centers with heavy fines and possible closures for failing to cite medical limitations. “Pro-life pregnancy centers, which freely offer real help and hope to women and their preborn children, shouldn’t be punished by […]

Poll: Obama Has Lost 1/3 Of Hispanic Support Due To His Pro-Abortion Stance

From LifeNews: A new poll shows pro-abortion President Barack Obama has lost about one-third of the support he had from Hispanics in the 2008 presidential election, and one pro-life Hispanic leader says abortion is the reason why. Obama hosted a meeting at the White House for Latino groups that focus on political advocacy, but, one […]

Planned Parenthood Strikes Again – Pro-Life Ad Pulled From MTV

WASHINGTON (BP)–MTV pulled a pro-life commercial because of its partnership with abortion giant Planned Parenthood, according to the non-profit behind the advertisement. Heroic Media — a faith-based organization that seeks to reduce abortion by means of ads on television, billboards and the Internet — said the sometimes controversial cable network barred the pro-life commercial after […]

Why I Like Sarah Palin (And Why You Should, Too)

Sarah Palin has gained a lot of attention lately with her new bus tour. Is she trying to build up support for a 2012 presidential election run? Palin hasn’t really answered questions asking about her intentions to run for president but that’s not what this entry is about. With this re-entry into the spotlight, the […]

Texas Takes Great Step To Protect Life

This is good to see.  Texas passes a law requiring sonograms prior to an abortion.  This, hopefully, reminds these mothers that they in fact have a real child inside of them whose life needs to be protected. I think Mother’s Day is a great day to remind ourselves of the importance of the Pro-Life movement.  […]

Great Article On The Battle to Defund Planned Parenthood

I was pretty direct on the blog that I disagreed with the way Boehner was being criticized for the budget deal. There were several comments from many directions finding fault with the agreement he made with Reid. Now that we’ve had a few days to consider further, I still believe that Boehner made the right […]

Saving Lives

According to the Center for Diseases Control & Prevention (CDC), the leading causes of deathin the US are heart disease: 616,067, cancer: 562,875, stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 135,952, chronic lower respiratory diseases: 127,924, and accidents (unintentional injuries): 123,706 (stats as of 2007; click here for source). The CDC left off the leading cause of death. Approximately 1.3 million children are killed […]

Pro-Life Billboard In NYC Gets Taken Down

Proud of Pastor Stephen Broden and Life Always for having the guts to post this billboard.  Unfortunately, it was taken down due to being “controversial.”  Abortion kills.  As ThatsAbortion.com states: 60% of African-American babies in New York City never make it out of the womb. In 2009 there where 27,405 live births and 40,798 induced […]

Lisa Edelstein’s Pro-Abortion Ad on MoveOn.org

This is a disappointing ad from MoveOn.Org.  This is actress Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Cuddy from House) alleging that Republicans are encouraging back-alley abortions by cutting government funding for abortions calling it an “all out assault on women’s health.”  “Why is the GOP trying to send women back to the back-alley?” she says. This video is […]