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Women of Faith – Now Is The Time!

The family is being attacked from every angle. Marriage between man and a woman is being challenged, pornography runs rampant and is defended, and we are watching the disintegration of the family before our very eyes. Throughout history, groups of people have been called to act to bring about a greater good. Women of faith, […]

Religious Freedom Is About Human Dignity

A recent Wall Street Journal article brings together Robert George, a conservative legal scholar (and huge intellect) who teaches at Princeton University, and Katrina Lantos Swett, a mother of seven and an “educator and political candidate” based on her bio.  It is a very thoughtful piece and puts forth I think some profound principles as to why religious liberty is so […]

Practice Religious Liberty and Go To Church

As we all wonder what is happening to our Constitution as the Obama Administration has taken upon itself to be the conscience of the America people instead of letting people make decisions for themselves (social welfare instead of individual charity, government-enforced contraception mandate vs. running your business based on your own religious beliefs), I think […]

When Americans No Longer Believe In The Constitution

Generations ago, a lot of people died so that we could have the Constitution that we have.  This nation, “conceived in liberty” was an experiment in personal freedom based on a belief that rights are of God and not of man.  The Constitution was a grand compromise based on varying models of government.  It was […]

Obama Attacks Religious Freedoms Forcing Employers To Provide Contraceptives

While Chick-Fil-A Appreciation day was a clear success, let’s not overlook the beating religious values took today as Obama and his administration are forcing businesses to provide birth control and abortion-inducing drugs in their insurance plans. This day — August 1 — is a dark one for religious freedom in the United States. The Obama […]