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Religious Freedom Is About Human Dignity

A recent Wall Street Journal article brings together Robert George, a conservative legal scholar (and huge intellect) who teaches at Princeton University, and Katrina Lantos Swett, a mother of seven and an “educator and political candidate” based on her bio.  It is a very thoughtful piece and puts forth I think some profound principles as to why religious liberty is so […]

Practice Religious Liberty and Go To Church

As we all wonder what is happening to our Constitution as the Obama Administration has taken upon itself to be the conscience of the America people instead of letting people make decisions for themselves (social welfare instead of individual charity, government-enforced contraception mandate vs. running your business based on your own religious beliefs), I think […]

Thoughts on Religion and Same-Sex Marriage

This is a really good article from the National Review discussing the impact to religious freedom as same-sex marriage gains steam in our society: We don’t yet know how the Supreme Court will rule next week in the Proposition 8 and Defense of Marriage Act cases. But here’s what we do know: If same-sex marriage […]

Teaching Religious Diversity in Public Schools

I stumbled across a new book about the importance of teaching students about different religions so as to help them understand the various points of view.  Here is a description of the book: Since September 11, 2001, the profile of religion’s role in our global society has increased significantly. Religion has long been a force […]