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Proud To Be A Texan And Proud Of Governor Perry

Say what you will about Governor Perry’s performance during the presidential primary.  He was pretty bad, we all admit.  But he and many like-minded pro-life legislatures the reason that there will be fewer abortions performed in Texas. The Texas law, passed in the second special session for the TX legislature, bans abortions after 20 weeks […]

Fathers’ Rights

Here in Texas a lot of talk is going on about a more restrictive abortion bill (HB2).  There’s lots of discussion about women’s rights, women’s health, control over our bodies, the distinction and separation between religion and law, etc.  I’ve followed Wendy Davis’ famous filibuster, I’ve read the articles from both sides of the aisle, […]

Conservatives Should Not Sacrifice Values

I’m having an amusing time watching pundits across the media-sphere blame conservative values for the Romney loss.  They say that conservative values have clearly been shown to be unpopular and the GOP should not stand by these values anymore.  What is interesting is what Rush pointed out today on his show so well – if the Dems […]

Call to Action: I am a Conservative Woman, and I Will NOT be Ignored

I began writing this article several times, but each time I had to delete what I had written and wait a little longer until I had calmed down.  Rather than lowering myself to Pennsylvania State Representative Babette Josephs’ level and begin name calling, and attacks on other women who simply believe differently than I, I retreated […]

Texas Takes Great Step To Protect Life

This is good to see.  Texas passes a law requiring sonograms prior to an abortion.  This, hopefully, reminds these mothers that they in fact have a real child inside of them whose life needs to be protected. I think Mother’s Day is a great day to remind ourselves of the importance of the Pro-Life movement.  […]

Saving Lives

According to the Center for Diseases Control & Prevention (CDC), the leading causes of deathin the US are heart disease: 616,067, cancer: 562,875, stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 135,952, chronic lower respiratory diseases: 127,924, and accidents (unintentional injuries): 123,706 (stats as of 2007; click here for source). The CDC left off the leading cause of death. Approximately 1.3 million children are killed […]