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The Importance of Self Sufficiency (Especially in Disasters)

When people learn that I take time to prepare for disasters by storing a little extra food and water, they always insist it is a waste of energy, time, and money.  I won’t be able to convince everyone the value of being self sufficient in times of disaster, but I can share with you the […]

D.C. Water Outage Shows Need For Self-Sufficiency

I was in Washington D.C. this week when I was notified that the water was being turned off. That’s right, turned off. Due to a major water main break, they were shutting down water for an entire county (Prince George’s County) for a minimum of 4 days. To help you think that through, that is […]

Emergency Preparedness When Disaster Strikes

The bombing at the Boston Marathon, threats from North Korea, letters being sent with ricin, the explosion in Texas with dozens killed…this has been a difficult week for the citizens of the United States. When tragedy strikes, I am always reminded of the importance of being prepared for emergencies. Extra water storage, a 72-hour kit […]