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Conservatives, It Is Time To Support Mitt

Fellow Conservatives, I, like all of you, have been carefully watching the GOP primaries.  I have watched every word of every debate.  I have seen all of the candidates speak in person multiple times, sometimes travelling to events to hear them make their case in their own words.  If you see the postings on this […]

Mitt Romney Saved Kidnapped Girl

  For those of you who are questioning Romney’s character, this is a true story as reported on Newsmax.com: Mitt Romney was faced with a crisis in July 1996. The 14-year-old daughter of Robert Gay, a partner in Romney’s new venture capital firm, Bain Capital, had disappeared. As it turned out, she had attended a rave […]

Michele Bachmann Takes On Ron Paul And Wins

Michele Bachmann challenged Ron Paul on his views on Iran, stating that the IAEA (International Atomic Energy  Agency) had recently released a report stating that Iran had the potential to have a nuclear weapon in months. Ron Paul flatly denied this indicating that Bachmann had drawn this conclusion on her own. The summary from IAEA […]