Ron Paul Was Wrong About 9/11

By | September 13, 2011

I watched the Republican debate and was pleased with Ron Paul’s performance. I wondered if I had misjudged him. Maybe he is electable. He’s smart, dedicated, and loyal. All great qualities. And then he says that the attacks of 9/11 were deserved because of America’s actions.

Rick Santorum introduced Paul’s views stating, “You said that it was our actions that brought about the actions of 9/11. Congressman Paul, that is irresponsible.”

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For the record, Congressman Paul, you are a man of principle but to say that the murder of thousands of Americans on American soil by suicide killers is because of our occupation is incorrect. To say we are at fault is irresponsible. Take a look at the propaganda our enemies disseminate. It is clear our country’s Christian values and prosperity are core issues for them. They hate Americans. They raise children to hate Americans. It is part of the culture of our enemies, occupation or no.