I Choose Love

By | July 10, 2016

My friends, what a difficult week this has been. I recognize that tragic events happen everywhere and everyday. But this week, it happened in my town, my backyard as police officers, who have sworn to keep us safe, were ambushed. What a tragedy for America. I am outraged by the evil that exists in our nation, saddened for the loss of life and the families who lost a loved one, angry at leaders who are not as engaged as I think they should be, and anxious about what this means for our country. I feel we have turned a corner the last few years and the America I grew up in may never exist again. And I’m mourning that loss.

So, this weekend, I decided to honor those who fought, were injured, and died. I went to the Dallas police station and prayed for the officers, their families, the department, my city, and our country. I stood with others who were mourning as well, and drove by the streets of Dallas, still blocked off as an active crime scene. And then I went and provided service to others. “What better tribute to those who gave their all?” I thought. And it helped. I also did the things that help me take care of myself (religious worship, prayer, music, organizing, etc.).

After this weekend, I felt a little better. Not in an “all is right with the world” sort of better, but I had perspective. Evil will occur. Bad people will do bad things. But I can be a light. A light of love and strength. And I will shine as long and as bright as I can to push darkness as far from me and my loved ones as possible. Tragedy happens, but I hope to follow the example of these fallen officers, and live my life for goodness. I choose to love.

If you find yourself brokenhearted as I was, please take care of yourself. Grieve, mourn, and share love. Here are some great articles on self-care and explaining tragedies to children, if needed. I thought they were really good. Peace be unto you, and may God bless our nation.


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