Federalist Society Launches Site About Executive Overreach

By | April 16, 2013

This will be a fun site to watch.  The Federalist Society is an organization of lawyers (and those who love the law like me) who are generally conservative or libertarian.  It is a huge organization and well-respected.

The Federalist Society has just launched a site and blog that will discuss the impact of the many, many, many, many regulations that come from the Executive Branch.  These are laws and regulations that we are all subject to, but that do not get passed through Congress.  They instead are simply published solely by multiple departments the Executive Branch.

On the new site currently is a picture of Senator Cruz and his report of six Supreme Court cases where the Court unanimously rejected attempts by the Obama Administration to assume authority it doesn’t have.  Read my post on this here.

The kick-off today was made via a teleconference call with Utah Senator Mike Lee.

Explore the site here.