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Promoting Breastfeeding Saves Taxpayer Money

WIC is a federal program that provides assistance to mothers and children at nutritional risk.  It is not considered an entitlement program, rather it’s a grant program where Congress sets aside a specific amount to administer.  No matter the specifics of how the money is provided, it is still ultimately funded by American taxpayers. WIC […]

Musings On A Relaxing Saturday

Today is one of those Saturday’s that I really enjoy.  First, I slept in (yep, that’s a Saturday tradition since I was in my teens).  Then, I worked out (not as much a tradition as it should be), then I ran some errands (got my oil changed only a few thousand miles after I was […]

Learn About the Constitutional Convention on Twitter

This is pretty cool.  ConSource is hosting a month-long event called “Tweet the Debates” in which those involved will be tweeting quotes and history from the debates at the Constitutional Convention.  Anyone can participate. Here is a description of the event: Lend Your Voice to Constitutional History: Tweet the 1787 Constitutional Convention Debates! Aside from human […]