About us

Who are we?  We are individuals who are tired of having our values dictated to us by people who forgot that this is a country founded on Judeo-Christian values.  We are citizens who still believe that America is the greatest nation on earth, not as a prideful matter, but because of what America represents and always has.  We believe in families, life, free markets, and small government.  We believe that our basic rights were given to us by God and not government.

Why create a site like this?  Because how many places are there where you can come and browse content without being inundated with opinions and advertising that don’t represent your values?  This site is a place to kick back and read some interesting and hopefully sometimes entertaining content that gives you the feeling that you are home.

This blog was founded four years ago dedicated to the fact that we believe, in our hearts, that this is a conservative nation. When conservatives express ourselves correctly, when we lay out our beliefs with clarity, when we act in a manner consistent with our convictions – we are in the majority. We are simply three concerned citizens, alert, aware, and concerned.

To contact the authors for information on writing blog pieces, advertising, or just to say hello, feel free to email us at americaisconsrv@gmail.com.