9/11 – We must never forget

By | September 11, 2010

As we look back after 9 years since the 9/11 attacks, I hope that we continue to remember the significance of that day.  I never thought I would see attacks on American soil.  We were a different nation on 9/10 then we were on 9/11 and since then.  Our naivety is gone, our patriotism has returned, and we are more keenly aware of the fact that we have enemies who are out to destroy us.

I think back to the men and women who rushed towards the burning buildings in New York, the firemen, the good citizens who sacrificed their lives to save others.  I think about the volunteers who sacrificed so much of their time to clean the debris, look for survivors, and comfort the victims and the victim’s families.  I think about the people on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania who had the courage to stand up to terrorists knowing very well they were nearing their own death.

9/11 was tragic – but also showcased the best in humanity and the strength of the people of this nation.

I have the highest respect for our soldiers, and thank them along with their families for the sacrifices that they have made in defense of our nation in the ongoing wars we’ve had as a result of 9/11.  I am proud of them and extraordinarily grateful.

This was a low time for us as a nation, but also a proud one, as we became one.  We were united in our grief, but also in our support for each other.  Since then, as country, we have acted on our resolve to find and punish those who instigated this tragic event.  We have spent most of this time bickering viciously about how to accomplish this.  But for now, instead of focusing on that, let us remember that day for the lessons that it taught us.