Phrase “Hard Worker” Only Applies to Slaves and Single Mothers

Sometimes when I see clips like this, I have to assume that she literally cannot hear the words coming out of her mouth.  I saw the title of this video and thought, certainly there’s a misunderstanding and we didn’t get the context of what she was trying to say…. well, see for yourself.

Women of Faith – Now Is The Time!

The family is being attacked from every angle. Marriage between man and a woman is being challenged, pornography runs rampant and is defended, and we are watching the disintegration of the family before our very eyes. Throughout history, groups of people have been called to act to bring about a greater good. Women of faith, […]

What Do Shooting Tragedies Have in Common?

Despite what the media will have you believe, gun violence isn’t the result of overly loose gun regulations.  In fact, the common trait of shooting rampages that we’ve seen recently is…. mental health issues that have been neglected in some fashion. Many reports are coming out saying that the most recent tragedy was done by […]

Obama’s Embarrassing Lack Of Leadership Leads To Putin’s Open Letter To America In NYTimes

I could not believe my eyes as I read the New York Times today.  President Putin of Russia wrote an open letter to the American people chastising us.  First, he tells us we have no right to enter the Syrian conflict (though his country is arming Assad).  He blames us for instability in Iraq and […]

America, The Beautiful

I’ve been pondering these lyrics today. Reading them, I gained a greater insight than when I’ve just sung it in the past. America, the Beautiful O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed His grace on thee, And crown thy good […]

Sad Realization for Obama Voters

Wall Street Journal writer Stephen Moore found a sad reality for Obama voters: those who supported him the most are the ones mostly losing out with his bad policies: Demographic Group % voting for Obama in 2012 Income change since Obama “recovery” began in June 2009 (-4.4% nationally) July 2013 Unemployment Rate (7.4% nationally) Young […]

Really Funny Crossfire Review

I didn’t see the new Crossfire on CNN though it has gotten a bunch of attention.  I think Newt Gingrich in a debating role is perfect as he is so articulate.  Crossfire debuted behind both Fox and MSNBC (it is pretty bad if you come in behind MSNBC).  The Daily Caller published a review where […]

Fast Food Workers Strike, Majority Just Don’t Care

You may have heard about the movement by fast food workers that just won’t die… they want to be paid $15 an hour.  (Yes, you read that right.)  Today in many cities across the countries, employees of fast food establishments are going to be on strike, and you’ll likely not even notice. Here’s the deal […]

Bowing to the Principal at Public School

If you follow conservative pages on Facebook, you might have seen a headline going around stating the kids in a California kids were being forced to kneel before their principal.  That practice has ended. Calimesa Elementary in Yucaipa, California is reeling from the negative backlash associated with a policy that had schoolchildren down on their […]

Violent Persecution Against Christians Continues In Egypt

From CS Monitor: “Before the violence that shook this small village last week, there were warning signs. On June 30, when millions of Egyptians took to the streets to protest against now ousted President Mohamed Morsi, residents of Al Nazla marked Christian homes and shops with red graffiti, vowing to protect Morsi’s electoral legitimacy with “blood.” Relations between Christians […]

Government Given More Allowance to Intrude on Families Through Forced Visits

For a couple days I’ve been seeing headlines like SHOCKING: Obamacare Provision Will Allow “Forced” Home Inspections… I’ve skipped over them because a lot of times I find headlines don’t often match the actual content of the article and don’t often have links to the actual information, but rather links to other conspiracy sites, etc.  Perhaps […]

The Importance of Self Sufficiency (Especially in Disasters)

When people learn that I take time to prepare for disasters by storing a little extra food and water, they always insist it is a waste of energy, time, and money.  I won’t be able to convince everyone the value of being self sufficient in times of disaster, but I can share with you the […]

So Much For Freedom

Whether you believe Edward Snowden is a hero or a traitor, you have to believe that the behind the doors pressuring and threatening of other countries by our administration is dirty.  Looks as though foreign governments aren’t the only ones being threatened by our current administration.  The email provider of Edward Snowden has shut down. […]